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Great product! I have 2 dogs lab (60 pounds) and shih tzu (16 pounds) when I walk with them, they always make a scene barking and growling at the other dogs. This happened almost every time and the barking is totally unnecessary and annoying. I started looking online for some solutions and I almost bought a shock collar with a remote control but it feels wrong to buy it. Fortunately, I came across this. I took my dogs out today as usual, and put the Digydog collars on them. After one or 2 barks, my dogs just stopped! Like magic! for the WHOLE ENTIRE walk they were quiet! they were so well behaved with every dog they previously would bark/growl at. I was amazed at how well these collars work. I am now able to enjoy my walk with them on a whole other level. I would highly recommend these collars to anyone struggling with barking and misbehaving dogs!

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My dog regularly barks. I never felt comfortable with shock collars, and decided to give this a try. I have felt the vibrations and they are not harmful. I used this as a training devise to teach him not to bark. After a month his barking has almost completely stopped! I still keep the collar on him when we go of walks, at home I can simply show him the collar and he is conditioned to not bark. Great investment and training tool.


This is like magic!!! I was very skeptical about purchasing a bark collar, and I really didnt want to hurt my dog, but this one works without any pain. When I received it, I tried it on myself first just to make sure it was okay. The beep and vibrates the collar makes worked perfectly on my dog, he is really smart so he learned very fast that the beeps are meant to warn him to stop barking. I'm very happy with this collar, and anyway the other solutions like the shock collar and spray ones seems too cruel to me.