Pet Grooming KIT For Dogs and Cats - Bag included

Pet Grooming KIT For Dogs and Cats - Bag included

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  1. DESHEDDING BRUSH - Reaches deep beneath your pet topcoat to gently remove loose hair, Reduce shedding UP TO 90%.
  2. MASSAGE GLOVE – Brushes away mats, light tangles and loose undercoat It’s soft, flexible, healthy and relaxing. can be used daily or during a bath.
  3. NAIL CLIPPERS – Friendly professional design to keep you comfortable while clipping your pet's nails, Just follow the instructions.
  4. FINGER TOOTHBRUSH – dental hygiene brush, give you easier process for cleaning your pet teeth. Made from food-grade materials approved by FDA
  5. SCISSORS - Ideal for facial trimming or hard-to-reach areas stainless steel construction. Durable, highest specification and quality tested.
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